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vegan. eco. zero waste.
I letos vám chceme nabídnout k Veggie Náplavce další přídavek 😊 Tentokrát v podobě nového eventu Planet Fest. Chceme na něm přidat vám všem i našim novým návštěvníkům možnost dozvědět se i o dalších možnostech, jak chránit naši krásnou planetu.
Těšit se tedy můžete na další, trochu jiný koncept nového eventu realizovaného Vegan Fighter: na pražské Náplavce vás 7. dubna bude čekat vedle velkého vegan marketu, na které jste na našich akcích zvyklí, také několik zón s workshopy, poradenstvím a také tržištěm a doprovodným programem v oblastech Ekovýrobky a vychytávky, Zero Waste, Permakulturní a ekologické zemědělství, Přírodní stavitelství, Elektromobilita, Zelená Města a samozřejmostí bude Velká Vegan Zóna.
S Planet Festem chceme zahájit novou sérii událostí pro vás a pro naše nové návštěvníky a věříme, že se vám bude líbit. Protože součástí bude i v tomto případě také úžasná atmosféra a obrovské, živé setkání lidí, kteří chtějí žít ohleduplně k ostatním tvorům i planetě.
Těšíme se!
100% Vegan. For Planet.
By Vegan Figter´s Vegan Future Events.

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Come visit us at Planet Fest
Get inspired and embrace the nature-conscious lifestyle

Our event is mainly a festival: it doesn’t just inspire but also, as is our goal, should make all the visitors have a great time and enjoy themselves. Carpe Diem (Seize the day) is possible even when we are considerate of others.
We are preparing for you DJs which are supporters of protection of our planet. Furthermore, we are preparing workshops and a relax area. You will have an opportunity to meet vegan athletes from the Vegan Fighter group who are dedicated to living a life which doesn’t cause harm to Earth. In sport and in life, with complete ease.

Right by the wonderful Prague river Vltava we are going to hold our festival at Naplavka-riverside. Here you will find dozens of stands which will inspire you to live while taking care of our planet Earth, the animals and yourself.
Dozens of shops which offer eco products and gadgets, plant-based cuisine, slow fashion clothes and accessories and upcycled items. We can all get inspired how to live our life producing zero waste—at home and at work.
Simply everything you need to enjoy your stay at this planet without any harm to it.

We have prepared interesting speakers to share their tips and experiences at the main stage followed by practical workshops and interactive talks centred around the topic of living a life considerate to our surroundings: zero waste, veganism, and ecology.
You will be able to try out a lot of the things we will talk about. We have adapted some activities for our youngest visitors so everyone can learn and enjoy the day. They will be able to play and get inspired to be considerate to the planet and learn how small changes make a big impact.

– What we want to inspire you in –
Minimize waste and live in a cleaner environment
According to Eurostat, an average European produces 503 kilo of waste every year. This gives us a lot of space to improve our habits and get inspired by the zero waste. Within a year many have managed to fit all of their yearly waste in a single mason jar! These changes can be applied everywhere around the household making zero waste pantries, bathrooms, and closets. Toward a greener city we can all contribute to by turning our balconies into mini urban gardens, get a plot in community gardens, and composting our bio waste. Come and learn how to do all of this with us

Be considerate in the kitchen
Plant-based diet is the most considerate way to eat your way to a happier Earth. By avoiding animal products, you are also avoiding being a person who directly supports mass industrial raising of animals and slaughterhouses. Those harm animals who are sentient beings with feelings but also harm the environment by producing chemicals which reduce the quality of air, water, soil. With this in mind, protein acquired from animals is the least effective source for our nutrition. Come find out how to adapt your diet to the 21st century.

Joy of living starts now
Slow lifestyle enables us to be more conscious of our approach to the planet as it minimizes our need to acquire material possessions and short-term use objects. In return it promotes searching for high quality items which lasts—be it fashion, perfumes or personal items.
Slow lifestyle offers much more—an improvement in your well-being. If you reeeeeallyy slooow down you can enjoy every day, the nature, your relationships, and even food even more. Eventually your life can improve with more understanding what is going around you and what you are feeling.

Live healthier
Vegan permaculture agricultural idea is based on principles of sustainability and constant renewal. It focuses on landscape, garden, and farm land planning, with the goal of minimizing damage and maximizing the natural harmony. It brings simple and intuitive principles which we would love everyone to hear about.

Living healthy and wonderfully
The way we build homes is radically changing. We are moving toward low-energy, passive or active houses. Not only are we thinking of energy consumption, the materials used to build houses centuries ago are making a comeback. They bring health benefits and keep the homes more in alignment with natural cycles. Come find out how to build a home for a better future.

Join our ride
Cars with alternative motors, electric small vehicles, scooters or bicycles are starting to fill out streets in an increasing number everywhere. With them we are approaching to lowering the city noise and air pollution. Together with the principles of car-sharing they are forming a current toward an evolution in mobility (not only) in cities. Come ride with us to a new clean tomorrow.

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